Announcing mesha – A Social Investing Platform

Today we’re super excited to announce the launch of mesha – a social investing platform that allows you to chat with friends, discover stocks and participate in challenges.

Why mesha?

It is a community-based investing platform. That means you can create groups with your friends to chat and share stocks and highlight specific parts of a stock’s performance or a company’s data. You can also follow public profiles and see what they’re investing in to get an idea about the top picks.

Our goal

With mesha, we aim to give you an intuitive way of discussing and analyzing investments together – share, create challenges, chat and a lot more!

How is mesha different?

We are a community. We have fun. So, you can invest in US stocks, Indian stocks and crypto while participating in daily or weekly challenges, win prize pools, discover other users and chat with your friends.
Our seamless integration of stock data in chats also makes things so much simpler – no more copy-pasting links from WhatsApp or going back and forth between messaging and looking at stocks.
And, of course, you no longer have to spend hours hunting for tips, advice or investing suggestions on numerous platforms. You can do it all on mesha.

Some of our top features

1. Chat

Enjoy investing socially, as you should. Discuss stocks with friends or even an online community that extends far beyond them.

2. Invest

Invest in US/Indian stocks and crypto.

3. Challenge

Know friends who are always claiming to be the best investors? Now, challenge them and see who wins!

4. Discover

Find public profiles and check out their portfolio, memos and tweets. Share your portfolio as well so that others can do the same!
The future of fintech is social, and mesha embodies that. We see the world the way we want it to be, not the way it is.

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