The Best NFT Games to Checkout Now!


NFT Games come in different genres, and since there is so much hype around them, choosing a game you want to play can become difficult. Many people are involved in NFT Investments these days, and playing some of these games can also help you make some money. While most of these NFT Games are at their early stages, the kind of gameplay they provide makes the experience better. This article will look at the best NFT games that you can play online. However, before jumping into that, let’s learn more about Play-to-Earn games.

What Are Play-to-Earn NFT Games?

An NFT game allows users to trade between in-game assets like Skins, Virtual Lands, Characters, etc. Since NFT games are launched on the blockchain, all the digital assets are classified as NFT, making them easily distinguishable. This also helps to stay rare and unique, leading to a price boost for some in-game items. Now users who play these NFT games have access to 3 methods that allow them to make money:

  • Users can breed new in-game characters
  • Users can unlock and earn new items by leveling up in the game and participating in online challenges.
  • Users can buy digital items via an online marketplace.

Regardless of what method you choose, you get the exclusive ownership right of every in-game item, and you have the option to sell them for real money. The games which allow you to do this are known as Play-to-Earn NFT games.

How Does the Play-to-Earn Model Benefit Gamers?

Most of the modern games available don’t pay you anything when you spend time playing them. However, the games which fall under the Play-to-Earn model pay you back for your time and hard work by dropping you in-game items that you can sell for real money.

Best NFT Games

  1. Axie Infinity

    Axie Infinity is one of the hottest NFT games available online. It’s a monster-breeding RPG that takes some elements from Pokemon, but it has shown the industry that NFT games can be rewarding and fun.The idea behind the game is simple yet fun. You start with raising and breeding an Axie to create hundreds of creatures who inherit traits from their relatives. You can trade these Axies on NFT Marketplaces, and selling a rare Axie can earn you tremendous money.

  2. Sorare

    If you enjoy playing Card Games, then Sorare is a game made for you. Sorare is a fantasy football card game where players can buy or collect trading cards to compete in weekly challenges. Anyone who becomes a part of these challenges gets a chance to win rare cards or Ethereum straight to their wallet. From Real Madrid to Liverpool, Sorare has more than 200 clubs licensed on its platform.

  3. Evolution Land

    Evolution Land might be the perfect game for people who love games like Cities Skylines or Roller Coaster Tycoon. It is a city-building game where players can buy land, construct buildings and do much more stuff to expand their space. Every continent that is built on this game exists on a different blockchain.

  4. Gods Unchained

    Are you someone who loves the world of Magic? If the answer is yes, then God Unchained is a game built for you. Gods Unchained is a card trading game where people accumulate trading cards by playing matches where the quality of the cards helps people win. There’s also a marketplace that allows users to buy cards so they can win the games easily.Every card earned by a player is backed by an ERC-721 token which means that you can make money by trading it on the open or native market.

  5. CryptoKitties

    CryptoKitties is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is one of the most loved games after Axie Infinity. Players have to solve puzzles and collect different cats from breeding them in-game. It has more than 50,000 CryptoKitties in-game, making it insanely popular among the players. If you are looking for a cute Play-to-earn NFT Game, then CryptoKitties is your answer.

  6. The Sandbox

    Love playing Minecraft? If the answer is yes, then The Sandbox is a game you’ll fall in love with. The Sandbox is more than just a regular NFT Game. It is a creative platform that allows you to play and build in-game assets. You own your creations in The Sandbox, and you can sell them on the internal marketplace using the SAND token. This is something that makes the game stand out from others.Over the last few months, many new users have started playing The Sandbox, which has led to growth in its community. The SAND token also saw a massive rally in the crypto market because of the hype around NFTs.

  7. Star Atlas

    As the name suggests, Star Atlas is a game that combines space exploration with mining, trading, and development so you can earn while you have fun playing the game. It promises to offer stunning visuals, and even the trailer looks fantastic.There’s no doubt that Star Atlas is the first AAA game built on blockchain. We expect that the complete rollout will happen by the end of 2022, and it’s already gaining a lot of attention from the media and audience.

  8. Illuvium

    Illuivum is another open-world RPG game that seems inspired by the Pokemon series of games. Not much is known about the gameplay since it is still under construction; however, it is expected to launch soon since registrations for the beta versions are already on.The game concept suggests that players have to build a team of Illuvials that can participate in online battles and earn rewards by defeating them. The gameplay reveal trailer gives us a peek at the stunning visuals that are offered, and hence it is recommended that you check out the trailer if you are interested to learn more about the game.

  9. NFT Champions

    NFT Champions is a story-based game that comes with some unique characters, champions, and quests. Players can take the journey alone or invite their friends for some co-op fun.Players have to collect rare champions to form a team. Every champion that you collect sits as an NFT on the blockchain, and it can evolve in better versions, helping you improve your gameplay.

  10. Spider Tanks

    Spider Tanks comes from the house of Gamedia Netherlands and offers top-quality graphics with a fantastic gameplay experience that keeps you hooked. The game aims to become the first esports title built on blockchain technology.The in-game items like Tanks, Bodies, and Weapons featured in Spider Tanks are represented as NFTs, which makes them fully tradeable, and, if they are rare, the value is reflected in their price. In addition to this, every tank you use is highly upgradable, which enhances the gameplay experience.

  11. The Walking Dead: Empires

    Well, does this game need an introduction? We don’t think so. Based on the popular TV Series named The Walking Dead, this is one of the most immense NFT Games in development right now. The release date for this game is still unknown, but we saw an announcement for this back in December 2021.The game concept suggests that players have to fight and survive in the world of walking dead to claim their territory. Since it supports co-op gameplay playing with your friends and killing the undead would be something every player would enjoy. This also falls in the play-to-earn NFT games because it’ll allow its users to earn revenue for their efforts via different in-game mechanisms.

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