A Complete Guide To Minting NFTs (Using OpenSea)

NFTs provide ownership of digital assets such as art, music and more. And with artists earning millions from music, collectibles and designs, the NFT craze is here to stay.
The credit goes to the crypto mania that propelled these non-fungible tokens or digital collectibles to new heights in 2021. By the end of this year, the total NFT sales volume might top $17 billion.
Any one of you can easily mint NFTs. Multiple NFT platforms can allow you to do so. Since most of these are based on the Ethereum network only, you should have its native currency (ETH) and a compatible wallet.

How To Mint NFTs: A Step By Step Guide

Even though the NFT minting process for each platform is different, the steps mentioned below are more or less applicable to all of them. The fees charged for minting the NFTs are the only main difference.

Here we will share how you can mint an NFT via OpenSea and use WalletConnect to connect your ETH wallet to the site.

Step 1

Connect to OpenSea:

Open your browser, go to OpenSea’s official website and tap on create. You will get prompted to connect your Ethereum wallet. Choose the WalletConnect option and choose any preferred wallet options to launch it. Once done, tap on Connect and sign in to your wallet by tapping on Confirm.

Step 2

Choose the file:
You will now get redirected to the ‘create new item’ screen. Look for your desired file and click on ‘select’. Fill out all the required details like Name, Description etc.

Step 3

Create the NFT:
Scroll down to the bottom and select the Ethereum blockchain. Click on ‘create’ and wait while your transaction gets completed. For freezing the metadata, go back to the NFT you just created and tap on ‘edit’. Slide the toggle to enable the ‘freeze metadata’ option. Once you have done that, tap on ‘submit changes’ and confirm the transaction with your wallet.
You have now successfully minted an NFT!

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