How to Purchase NFTs on OpenSea using Mesha

Purchasing an NFT for the first time can be intimidating.
Despite being one of the hottest metaverse trends right now, it often becomes daunting to those new to the space.

And when it comes to the prices of NFTs, the matter only becomes worse. The crypto community and its eagerness to invest in these assets have driven the prices of NFTs to sky-high values. Some of the most popular NFTs are selling for tens of millions of dollars.

So, if you are interested in buying NFTs as any other speculative asset hoping that its value goes up one day, or only to collect digital art, your primary concern, at first, might probably be its exorbitant price.
But mesha solves that problem.

We allow you to invest in NFTs as a group with your friends. You only need to form a team and add your friends to it. You can then create your wallet, vote on a proposal and buy the NFTs together. Your assets get stored on the team wallets.

Before we get into more details about buying NFTs from OpenSea on mesha, let’s understand what a team wallet is and how you can create it.

What is a team wallet?

A team wallet is a shared wallet between all the team members. Each member holds a pro-rata share of the wallet, i.e. if there are five members in the team, everyone has 20% of the assets in the wallet.
Team wallets operate by voting. That means each person must vote if funds need to get sent out of the wallet, e.g. for buying an NFT or for withdrawals to a team member.
Currently, all votes must be unanimous (100%). The majority voting is also coming soon.
The team wallet can store tokens and NFTs.

But how do you create the team?

That’s simple. All you have to do is follow these steps –

Step 1 -

Go to the app. Click on ‘Create Team’

Step 2 -

Name your team, add a team name and description. That’s it! Your team is ready

How to add someone to your team?

Follow these steps –

Step 1 -

Share the team link with your friend for them to join. Once they join, everyone can vote to add them to the wallet.

How to add funds to the wallet?

You can add funds to the wallet by following these steps –

Step 1 -

Click on ‘Add Funds’, then enter the amount you want to add to your wallet.
You can add funds in two ways:
Using your debit or credit card
Sending crypto directly to your team wallet

Step 2 -

Enter your wallet address and click on ‘continue’. Your funds will get added to the wallet
Now that your team and wallet are ready, here is how you can buy the NFTs through the app –

How to buy NFTs from OpenSea on mesha after you have created your team?

Here are the steps you need to follow –

Step 1 -

Go to Messages and share the OpenSea link

Step 2 -

Vote on it with your team

Step 3 -

Once the vote passes, the funds will automatically be debited and sent to OpenSea to buy the NFT. After that, the NFT will be sent to the team wallet

Do you know the best part?

You do not even need an OpenSea account to buy NFTs. All you need is a mesha account to purchase NFTs listed on OpenSea.

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