Mesha or Gnosis: Which is The Better Option For You?

mesha or Gnosis

If you’re a web3 project such as a DAO or web3 startup, you’ve got crypto such as USDC, USDT or Ethereum.

Now you’re looking to manage that money – how to store it, make payments etc. And of course, do this safely, securely and easily.

Storing your organization’s assets in a metamask is not an option! This is like storing a company’s money in your personal bank account. There’s a lot of risk – if you lose access to your personal wallet, you lose the funds of the entire organization!

Instead, multisig (multi-signature) wallets are the preferred option for most teams – providing both flexibility and security.

So if you’re trying to decide which option to take, is it mesha or is it gnosis, use this helpful guide (hint: it’s the same choice since mesha uses Gnosis but adds more functionality!)

What is Gnosis?

Gnosis is the creator of Gnosis Safe, a leading multisig wallet. Multisig wallets are multi-signature wallets, meaning they can require multiple people to sign a transaction for added security and safety. This ensures that if someone loses their wallet, the funds can still be accessed. Additionally, it ensures that one person can’t drain the team’s wallets and run away with all the money!

Over $1 billion is held in Gnosis multisig safes, making it a leading Ethereum protocol used by the largest web3 projects and DAOs, such as Uniswap.

What is Mesha?

Mesha is an all-in-one cash management solution for web3 teams. Think of mesha as your crypto version of a bank account – you get a multisig wallet (built on Gnosis), transaction tracking, payments and expense management with credit cards.

Mesha or Gnosis

So if you’re now debating if you should choose gnosis or mesha for your multi-sig wallet and treasury management solution, we’ve got a helpful secret for you – there’s no need to choose! Mesha is built on top of Gnosis, providing you with the security of a Gnosis safe and the powerful functionality of mesha. So you can get the benefits of having a Gnosis safe, but also the easy-to-use interface of mesha.

How can Mesha Help you?

Mesha has some powerful finance tools for web3 teams:

  • Corporate expense cards – issue cards to your team to pay in fiat, and pay back your balance in crypto. It’s the perfect expense management tool for web3 teams.
  • Analytics and Insights Dashboard – easily see how much you spent, earned and more through a simple-to-use dashboard
  • Transaction tracking – easily find any transaction you’ve ever made
  • Spending limits – set up spending limits for different members
  • DeFi – optimize your treasury by earning yield on your idle cash
  • TokenSwap – easily swap tokens across all decentralized exchanges

So what’s next

To get started, you can sign up on mesha and create a new multisig wallet (Gnosis safe) in a few seconds. Alternatively, if you have an existing Gnosis safe, you can easily import it and use mesha to manage your existing multisig wallet – no need to create a new one! Sign up here.

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