Top 10 DAOs by Treasury Value – July 2022

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The bear market has meant many DAO tokens have witnessed a steep correction in their prices. Since most DAOs hold their tokens as their main treasury asset, this price correction has meant that many DAO treasuries have seen a significant drop in asset value.

Top 10 DAOs by Treasury Value (July,2022)

  1. Uniswap$3.5B

    The world’s largest DAO by treasury assets continues to be Uniswap. The DAO that governs Ethereum’s leading decentralized exchange (also named Uniswap) has over $2.3 billion in liquid assets, and $1.2 billion in vesting tokens. Nearly 99% of the treasury is in UNI, Uniswap DAO’s governance token. The DAO’s treasury has recovered from lows in the past few months, largely due to the price increase in UNI.

  2. BitDAO$1.5B

    Created by ByBit, BitDAO is the second largest DAO by treasury. Nearly 43% of its treasury in liquid BIT tokens, with no vesting tokens. 27% is held in Ethereum (ETH), and another 22.2% is held in stablecoins (14% is USDC, and 8.2% is USDT).

  3. Gnosis$1.5B

    The world’s third largest DAO by treasury, Gnosis has the majority of its treasury in vesting tokens (including a recent $100m fundraise). Nearly 80% is held in GNO tokens, with another 15% in COW and 3.7% in SAFE tokens. The treasury had dipped below the $1 billion threshold in the past month, but has swiftly recovered.

  4. OlympusDAO$500M

    The fourth largest DAO by assets is OlympusDAO, which governs the Olympus protocol. The entire treasury is comprised of liquid tokens. 43% is DISCO tokens, and another 25.4% are decentralized stabledoin DAI (by MakerDAO). 7% is SLP (Smooth Love Potion), the token from play-to-earn game Axie Infinity. Only 5.2% is OHM, the native token of the Olympus Protocol.

  5. Lido$375M

    Lido is designed for ETH staking for Ethereum 2.0, and the DAO that manages the protocol is the fifth largest by asset value. Nearly 89% of the treasury is LIDO, the protocol’s native token, with another 9.1% in ETH and 2% in stETH.

  6. Polkadot$362M

    Polkadot, which governs the Polkadot blockchain, is the sixth largest treasury. As expected with a blockchain DAO, 100% of the treasury is in the native token, Polkadot.

  7. Merit Circle$267M

    The seventh largest treasury is the first gaming guild on our list – Merit Circle is a DAO focused on play-to-earn games. 86% of its treasury is in its governance token – MC. 11.5% is held in USDC, the stablecoin issued by Circle. 1.1% is in UNI.

  8. Decentraland$255M

    Decentraland, the metaverse DAO, is the eighth largest treasury. 94 is in MANA – the native token of the protocol. Another 4% is in CLICK, and 1.6% is in SLP.

  9. Mango DAO$234M

    The DAO that governs the Mango Markets Protocol, a decentralized exchange on the Solana blockchain, is the ninth largest DAO by treasury. 77% of its treasury is held in its token, MNGO, and the remaining 23% is held in USDC, the stablecoin.

  10. Aave$205M

    Rounding out the top 10 is Aave, the lending and borrowing protocol on Ethereum. Nearly 28% of the DAO treasury is held in the protocol’s token (AAVE), and another 5.5% is held in aUSDC, the wrapped version of USDC.

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Note – this data is accurate as of August 2nd, 2022. Prices are likely to change and affect the information in this article.

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