Top 10 NFTs on OpenSea by Sales Volume – 22nd Feb, 2022

The NFT market continued its streak of high sales volume this week as well on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace for buying and selling NFT items.
Let’s take a look at the top 10 NFT projects of the past week –


Sales volume – $33.7 million

NFT World’s:

Sales volume – $27.1 million


Sales volume – $23.2 million


Sales volume – $20.5 million


Sales volume – $20.3 million

Axie Infinity :

Sales volume – $20.0 million

Tasty Bones:

Sales volume – $18.0 million

Bored Ape Yacht Club:

Sales volume – $17.4 million


Sales volume – $16.4 million


Sales volume – $15.1 million

The full story:

The top ten list this week includes five new newcomers.
With a floor price of 12.49 Ethereum, Azuki topped the list. At second place is NFT Worlds, which made a new entrance this week and saw a triple-digit increase in the sales volume. At the time of writing, the 10,000 NFT collection has a floor price of 17.49 ETH. Being in the same vein as The Sandbox and the Decentraland, it offers limitless multiplayer worlds compatible with Minecraft, a bestselling game owned by Microsoft Corporation.
The biggest gainer of the week in the top 10 list is Edenhorde. It sold out on February 16 and got revealed on February 18. The Edenhorde NFT collection has four tribes.
The week-old 4999 skeleton-themed NFT Tasty Bones also saw strong interest and valuation.
Despite remaining in the top 10 list this week, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CloneX and Axie Infinity saw week over week declines in sales volume.
Crabada, a play-to-earn NFT game built on the Avalanche blockchain, continued its streak and remained on the top ten list this week as well.
NBA Top Shot and Coolman’s Universe also saw strong weekly gains and ranked in the top twenty.

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