Top 10 NFTs on OpenSea by Sales Volume – 8th Feb, 2022

The NFT market continued its streak of high sales volume this week as well on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace for buying and selling NFT items.
Let’s look at the top 10 NFT projects of the past week.


Sales volume – $84.1 million

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Sales volume – $82.9 million


Sales volume – $69.0 million

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Sales volume – $52.3 million

HAPE Prime

Sales volume – $42.7 million

Hype Bears

Sales volume – $40.7 million


Sales volume – $38.2 million

SuperNormal by Zipcy

Sales volume – $33.9 million


Sales volume – $30.0 million

V1 CryptoPunks Wrapped

Sales volume – $29.3 million

The full story

Azuki topped the list last week with sales of $81.7 million. Having a floor price of 11 ETH, it has recently observed an increasing fan following and a rising project valuation.
The second place got bagged by Bored Ape Yacht Club, whose sales volume jumped over 129% last week. Justin Bieber, who bought his second Bored Ape, was joined by soccer star Memphis Depay, the latest athlete to buy a Bored Ape.
Hype Bear and Hero launched last week and were the latest projects to join the list.
With a floor price of 1.55 ETH, SuperNormalcy by Zipcy also held its position in the top ten.
Ranked 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th respectively were Axie Infinity, Bored Ape, Kennel Club, and Cool Cats.
Cool Pets, newly launched by Cool Cats, stood at 23rd place with a $10 million sales volume. It has the potential to make it to the top ten by next week.
Only two projects from last weeks top 20 saw a decline. These were CryptoPunks and Axie Infinity.

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