Top 10 NFTs on OpenSea by Sales Volume – 8th March, 2022

The NFT market continued its streak of high sales volume this week as well on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace for buying and selling NFT items.
Let’s look at the top 10 NFT projects of the past week.

1. CyberBrokers: $22.9 million

Artist Josie Bellini’s collection CyberBrokers topped the list this week with a floor price of 1.35 Ethereum on OpenSea.

2. Invisible Friends: $20.2 million

After topping the list last week, Invisible Friends moved down to the second position with a floor price of 7.2 ETH for its 5000 piece collection.

3. CloneX : $15.9 million

CloneX is a collection from RTFKT, a digital sneaker company acquired by Nike Inc. After gaining 10% in sales volume and moving from the eighth position in the last week, CloneX was among the biggest movers of the week with a current floor price of 10.85 ETH.

4. WonderPals : $13.7 million

WonderPals is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain created from a combination of more than 200 traits. It made its debut to the top-ten list last week by coming in 4th place.

5. Bored Ape Yacht Club: $11.8 million

Holding its position on the list, Bored Ape Yacht Club moved down one spot and came in 5th place. Its floor price is 73.5 ETH.

6. Azuki: $11.5million

Azuki (floor price 9.3 ETH) moved up one position after continuing to hold its spot in the top ten list this week as well.

7. Axie Infinity: $10.6 million

Axie Infinity, an NFT based online video game developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, joined the top ten list again last week with a floor price of 0.0160 ETH.

8. CryptoPunks: $9.3 million

Just like Axie Infinity, another popular NFT project CryptoPunks rejoined the top ten list with a floor price of 66.95 ETH. Its trading volume is 270.45 ETH.

9. Mutant Ape Yacht Club: $9.0million

Mutant Ape Yacht Club, a collection of 20,000 mutant apes, came at the 9th spot with a floor price of 14.5 ETH.

10. Sorare: $8.3 million

Sorare, an Ethereum-based game that fuses fantasy soccer with NFTs, joined the top ten list last week after a long time by coming in tenth place. Its floor price is 0.0008 ETH ($2.04).
Let’s look at the other NFT projects that missed the top ten spots this week.
3Landers, which was at the 2nd position last week, slipped down to 11th position, followed by Crabada in the 12th position.
NFT All Day by Dapper Labs came on the 21st position with a volume of $4.6 million. NBA Top shot, also by Dapper Labs, ranked 15th with a sales volume of $5.4 million.
An NFT project based on a popular AMC Networks television show, The Walking Dead: Walker Access, came in 13th place with a sales volume of $5.5 million.
Gary Vaynerchuk’s inaugural NFT collection VeeFriends landed at the 16th spot with a gain of 259% in sales volume.

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