Top Upcoming NFT Drops: May 17th-22nd

The NFT space moves at lightning speed, and if you want to stay up-to-date with all the launches amidst the constant influx of art and ideas, check our weekly list of upcoming drops that bring you all the latest news and updates in the NFT space.

Alice in Cryptoland II

Who: Mark McKenna

What: Collection mechanics TBA

When: May 17 @ 6:30 PM ET

Where: MakersPlace

Why: Globally acclaimed American comic artist and Inkwell Hall of Fame resident Mark McKenna is returning to MakersPlace with part two of his Alice in Cryptoland series.

The latest drop gives collectors a chance to own original Alice in Wonderland themed pieces from the celebrated artist.

Lotus 7


What: Collection mechanics TBA

When: May 18 @ 6:30 PM ET

Where: MakersPlace

Why: DOES, a multidisciplinary and internally exhibited artist, presents Lotus 7, an imaginative audiovisual collection which captures the creation of his paper collage titled Lotus.

The project shows the creative process in full detail, cut by cut and frame by frame.

How to Kill a Wildflower

Who: Parrott

What: Edition NFTs

When: May 19 @ 5 PM ET


Why: Crypto artist Parrott is ready to release his latest collection called How to Kill a Wildflower, which will mark his debut NFT drop on

It is one of his most focused, intentional and vulnerable collections that revolves around a wildflower.

The Migrant

Who: Ken Nwadiogbu

What: 100 1/1 NFTs

When: May 19 @ 6:30 PM ET

Where: Nifty Gateway

Why: Nigerian artist Ken Nwadiogbu will debut with a 100-piece NFT collection that coincides with his physical solo show – A New Perspective.

Centred around Black migration and empathy, each sold piece will get accompanied by a personified card box sculpture.
With 20% of its sales proceeds donated to fund Five Cowries Initiative, a Nigerian NGO promoting art education, the project will be a philanthropic endeavour at its core.

The Chimpverse

Who: Timpers

What: 5555 avatar collectibles

When: May 20 @ TIME TBA


Why: Prominent NFT collector and pixel artist Timpers presents a new PFP character collection called Chimpers. The project is a web3 adventure story filled with art, lore and metaverse/community initiatives.

The Journey Goes On

Who: Annibale Siconolfi (Inward)

What: Collection mechanics TBA

When: May 22 @ 6:30 PM ET

Where: Nifty Gateway

Why: Continuing to surprise the NFT community with his impossibly detailed futuristic cities and landscapes, Annibale Siconolfi has come up with his latest drop solely comprised of animations.

The theme of this collection is related to his usual style of exploring the line between nature and technology.

Club Sandwich

What: 5555 unique sandwiches

When: May 17 @ TIME TBA

Where: Polygon

Why: Club Sandwich is a collection of 5555 unique digital sandwiches. The project aims to create the metaverse’s first charity fast-food chain.

Evil Putinz

What: 666 unique NFTs

When: May 19 @ TIME TBA

Where: Polygon

Why: Evil Putinz is a collection of 600 unique NFTs built on Polygon. It aims to lift the veil and raise global awareness while incorporating an exaggerated image and a satiric representation of Putin.


What: P2E NFT game

When: May 19 @ TIME TBA

Where: Ethereum

Why: MetaVolution is a P2E on-chain game on the Ethereum network which combines the play to progress concept while focusing on different stories and seasons.

It combines high-quality art with easy-to-understand tokenomics.

Cyber Rabby

What: Collection mechanics TBA When: May 21 @ TIME TBA

Where: Ethereum

Why: Cyber Rabby is a programmatically generated rabbit collection that incorporates nine traits, ranging from Common to Legendary.

It is stored on Ethereum but can get transferred to any other blockchain supported by LayerZero.

The Amazons NFT

What: Collection mechanics TBA When: May 20 @ TIME TBA

Where: Avalanche

Why: The Amazons NFT collection consists of 10,000 uniquely generated Warrior Women, hosted on the Avalanche blockchain. Each NFT can also get staked on its web 3.0 platform.

Dinosaur Game

What: Collection of 5555 NFTs

When: May 21 @ TIME TBA

Where: Ethereum

Why: The Dinosaur Game, created by Sebastien Gabriel in 2014, is a collection of 5555 NFTs available on the Ethereum blockchain.

The project aims to fulfil the true definition of a Metaverse by enabling its holders to access the platforms of multiple different projects via a single NFT.

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