Top Upcoming NFT Drops: May 31st – June 5th

The NFT space moves at lightning speed, and if you want to stay up-to-date with all the launches amidst the constant influx of art and ideas, check our weekly list of upcoming drops that bring you all the latest news and updates in the NFT space.

Remembrance of a Withered Love

With over a year worth of work, this collection sees the artist blending their unique styles to communicate a cohesive story.
Love has been one of the most prominent muses for any artist, and this collection has the artists drawing from one of the rawest parts of human experiences.

From the Flames

The subjects of this project are the frontlines of the Caldor and Dixie fires, two of the many areas ravaged by the 2021 California wildfires.
Addario hopes to use the project to raise more awareness about the extreme effects of climate change.
She also intends to raise funds to support the families of the firefighters who braved the flames.

Free Muertos Tribute

With this drop, Yescka and Streetlab aim to amplify the creative voices of street artists and help keep the fight against censorship alive.

Aqua Army

The NFTs have rarity traits and will upgrade and transform as the project story continues.

LowKey The $cottish


The Gifsons

It is a gas-free collection deployed on the polygon Blockchain and grants holders access to VIP membership where users can stake $BITSON Coin for MATIC.

Maybe Bears

Degen Islands

It allows users to purchase their own island and enter a Minecraft-style metaverse.
Here they can mine their land, collect materials or resources, and then build, craft, farm, stake and rent to earn $NUGGETS and $DGOLD.
Their vision is to become the most accessible and fun P2E game on any blockchain.


Air Max 90s

Rising Defects

Vogu: Miami

Holders will get access to the most exclusive drip & art in Miami, and over 50 NFTs will come with rare traits that can get redeemed for physical merch.

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